Burdened by your IRS or New York back taxes, liens or wage garnishments? Living in fear of an IRS audit? Cambridge Tax Resolution offers you relief from your worst nightmare…

We can help you:

  • Stop the harassing notices.
  • Put an end to the penalties and fines.
  • Prevent the seizure of your assets.
  • Resolve your payroll and back tax problems.
  • Reduce the total amount you owe to an affordable number.
  • Remove negative information from your credit report.
  • Keep the government from taking your pension, retirement or Social Security checks.


My name is Craig Cody and I’m a New York CPA, Certified Tax Coach™ and owner of Cambridge Tax Resolution.

Each day I meet with clients who are desperate to find a solution to their tax problems.

Right now, you might be in a similar situation. If so, then please believe me when I say, you are not alone in your predicament and you can get the help you need.

That’s why I’ve written the exclusive “Confidential Insider Report” that tells the truth about what will happen if you don’t resolve your IRS problems.

Yes, it can get downright ugly (as you may have already found out). But that’s exactly why you MUST READ this free report. The more you know about all the IRS’s underhanded tactics—which I describe in great detail—the better prepared you’ll be to protect yourself and fight for your financial future.

I also discuss your options to resolve your debt and outline the key steps you need to take now if you truly want to start living your life without the burden of back taxes.

In your “Confidential Insider Report,” you’ll learn…

  • How the IRS can rob your children, your spouse or other innocent parties of their money—even if they have nothing to do with your back taxes situation…
  • The number one thing you must do IMMEDIATELY to get the IRS to start negotiating with you—fail to do this and the IRS won’t even listen to you…
  • Details of the program that could allow you to pay what you can afford regardless of the amount the IRS says you owe—even payroll taxes can be settled this way…
  • The special procedure that can help clear up your credit report and dramatically improve your credit score…
  • What two critical words you need to know that just might drastically reduce the total amount you owe…
  • How you can get all of your back tax issues and IRS problems resolved without ever having to speak to an IRS agent…

If you have any questions, my team and I are here to help you. Review our services page where you’ll find complete details on the many ways we help our clients.

Call us at (516) 869-4767 to schedule a free consultation. If you prefer, complete our confidential contact form and we’ll get right back to you.

Remember, doing nothing will not solve your tax debt, nor will it get the IRS off your back. Take action now and put yourself and your family on the road to a better future.


Craig S. Cody, CPA, Certified Tax Coach™
Cambridge Tax Resolution
240 Plandome Rd, Manhasset NY 11030
(516) 869-4767


P.S. Over the years, I’ve had the pleasure of receiving some heartfelt testimonials from people my team and I have helped. Here’s just a sample of what folks are saying…

Goes the extra mile for his clients…

“Craig is far more than an accountant with all the credentials necessary to perform the services you require. He is a person who cares about his clients. I have known Craig for many years and he has serviced my entire family. It was not until recently that Craig came to my rescue in his professional capacity. Truly, he is a person of high integrity—added to the fact that he has a good heart and is willing to go the extra mile for his clients. If you want the very best, go to Craig and you will immediately recognize the difference in the services that he provides.”

Ann R.
Bronxville, NY

Highly recommended for business owners…

“Craig is a responsive, diligent, knowledgeable and loyal accountant who I highly recommend for anyone’s personal or business needs. If you have concerns relative to taxes or estate planning, you should contact Craig. If you have a business and intend to stay in business, you should contact Craig.”

Denis K.
New York City, NY


Prompt service with favorable results…

“Craig has handled numerous tax situations for me and the results have always been favorable. He is always available to speak with me and answer all questions and e-mails in a timely manner. I strongly recommend that you use his services.”

Michael C.
Hewlett, NY